China manufacturer Kipor Excavator Coupling Portable Hydraulic Track Part PC02-1AC Engine Parts gear coupling

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Kipor Excavator Coupling Portable Hydraulic Track Part PC02-1AC Engine Parts


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Parts Name Hydraulic pump Parts Number All the parts, just send the pump number to me and will check
Condition OEM/Original Delivery Within 1-3days
Inventory In stock Place Of Origin China
Packing Plastic Bag, Carton Payment Term L/C,T/T.Western Union

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21A-60-11111 CASE SN: 10001-UP
57190-50840 BOLT SN: 10001-UP
21A-60-11120 WASHER SN: 10001-UP
07000-11008 O-RING SN: 10001-UP
21A-60-11140 TANK SN: 10001-UP
57110-8571 BOLT SN: 10001-UP
01643-50823 WASHER SN: 10001-UP
07000-05220 O-RING SN: 10001-UP
07041-13012 PLUG SN: 10001-UP
07002-03034 O-RING SN: 10001-UP
21A-60-11162 GAUGE SN: 10001-UP
20W-62-11330 NIPPLE SN: 10001-UP
705-43-06000 PUMP ASS’Y,(SEE FIG.6101) SN: 10001-UP
57110-81030 BOLT SN: 10001-UP
01643-31032 WASHER SN: 10001-UP
07000-03050 O-RING SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12110 NIPPLE SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12120 ELBOW SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12130 ELBOW SN: 10001-UP
07000-12011 O-RING SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12140 FILTER SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12160 TUBE SN: 10001-UP
21A-62-12170 TUBE SN: 10001-UP
21A-01-13110 JOINT SN: 10001-UP
21A-01-13120 COUPLING SN: 10001-UP

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flange coupling

Limitations and Disadvantages of Using Gear Couplings

While gear couplings offer many advantages, they also have some limitations and disadvantages that should be considered when selecting coupling solutions for specific applications:

  • Cost: Gear couplings can be more expensive compared to other types of couplings, especially when precision machining or specialized materials are required. The initial investment might be higher, but the long-term benefits may outweigh the cost.
  • Size and Weight: Gear couplings are generally larger and heavier than some other coupling types. This can impact the overall size and weight of the machinery, which may be a concern in applications with limited space or weight restrictions.
  • Maintenance: Gear couplings require regular maintenance, including lubrication and periodic inspection to ensure proper functioning. Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature wear and failure.
  • Backlash: Like other gear mechanisms, gear couplings may have some inherent backlash due to the clearance between gear teeth. This slight play can affect precision applications where accurate motion transmission is critical.
  • Noise and Vibration: Gear couplings can generate more noise and vibration compared to flexible couplings, especially at higher speeds. This can be a concern in applications that require low-noise operation.
  • Misalignment Tolerance: While gear couplings can handle moderate misalignment, they may not be as forgiving as flexible couplings in accommodating significant shaft misalignment.

Despite these limitations, gear couplings remain a popular choice for many applications, particularly in heavy-duty industrial settings where they excel in transmitting high torque and handling demanding conditions. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance can help mitigate some of the disadvantages, making gear couplings a reliable choice for power transmission in various industries.

China manufacturer Kipor Excavator Coupling Portable Hydraulic Track Part PC02-1AC Engine Parts  gear couplingChina manufacturer Kipor Excavator Coupling Portable Hydraulic Track Part PC02-1AC Engine Parts  gear coupling
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